Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Kingdom Death - scale comparision

Hello guys

I was asked if I could take some pics from the Kingdom Death miniatures with a well known mini for scale comparison. So I searched my workbench and found Bob. Bob was a well known SnapFit Space Marine out of the Dark Venegance Starterbox from Games Workshop.

I also used a scale in the background which you can find on the German Tabletop News Portal   for illustrating how tall the miniatures are.

All survivors use a 30mm round base, and all monsters use 50mm round bases. So here are the miniatures I already built and painted:

The four starting survivors (and Bob):

There are also many armour sets for your survivors (one for each monster). I started with the leather armour, and built another male and female survivor (in each armour set there are enough parts to build 2 male and 2 female survivors with every weapon choice you can choose in the game).

The White Lion is the first monster you must survive in this game. Here in front and sideview near Bob:

Here's also the second monster from the game. The screaming anthelope:

A special "monster" you can buy from Kingdom Death around the winter holidays is the "holiday twilight knight":

All the monters in scale to each other:

The "PinUps of Death" Box has also been out for a while. Here are the first 3 (of 8) ladies I built and painted:

Hope it helps.

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